Lipstick plant

How to care for the Lipstick plant

The Lipstick plant, so named because of its red flowers that resemble lipsticks, will jazz up your space just like a slick of fresh red lippie. This luscious trailing beauty cascades from a shelf or plant stand like a boss. Her flowers can be elusive, your best bet is to provide plenty of bright indirect light. Just keep that lush foliage away from harsh rays.
They enjoy a moderate amount of water. Best to test the soil with your finger, letting the first couple of inches dry out before watering again. Be sure to make sure the plant doesn't sit in a puddle of water. Humidity is their friend, so a regular misting of the leaves will help keep them happy.
Will thrive
in bright indirect light.
They like a moderate amount of water, approximately once a week.
Fertilise with a diluted liquid fertiliser every few months.

Fun fact: the Lipstick plant is part of the same
family as the African violet.


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