Australian Sword Fern

How to care for the Australian Sword Fern

Sporting gorgeous green fronds, and tidier and easier to care for than its cousin the Boston Fern, the Australian Sword Fern is a truly lovely indoor plant. If you've struggled in the past with ferns (don't get us started on the Maidenhair) but love their lush foliage, this beauty may be the answer to your prayers.
Like most ferns they prefer humid environments and do really well in steamy bathrooms. With the right conditions these guys can grow big! Chanelling Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, keep them looking tidy by trimming any old brown fronds.
Bright indirect light is your best bet.
They need to be kept in moist soil so be sure to water regularly with lukewarm water. You can back off a bit in winter when there’s less heat drying the soil out and your plant is doing less growing.
Fertilise with an organic liquid fertiliser a couple of times a year in the warmer months. They’re generally pretty pest resistant, but keep white oil on hand incase anything appears.

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