Bird of paradise

How to care for Strelitzia indoors


Also knows as the 'Bird of paradise', so named because of its gorgeous flower resembling a tropical bird, this is one heck of an indoor plant. Those gorgeous paddle shaped leaves are green and glossy and are sure to lush up your life and your space.

These guys like it nice and bright and can even handle some morning sun. The more light they get the more likely you are to see one of their beautiful blooms (a rarity indoors).

TAKE NOTE: The Strelitzia is mildly toxic to cats and dogs (and even humans!) so keep out of reach of curious pets.

These guys like it bright. Indirect light is good but they can also handle some morning sun.

Water deeply, allowing top 2-4cm of soil to dry out between waterings.

Fertilise every few months with a liquid organic fertiliser.

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