How to care for Elkhorn fern

Elegant and majestic just like its namesake animal, the Elkhorn Fern is one fancy piece of foliage. More commonly seen clinging to large trees in the rainforests of New Guinea, and along the coasts of Queensland, this epiphyte is just as at home in an urban indoor jungle. They are used to warm and humid conditions as well as being shaded by the leaves above.
They are clever chickens and create their own compost so don’t like to be overfed, especially with artificial fertilisers as it can burn their fronds. Go easy!

Bright indirect light is your best bet.

A good water about once a week in the warmer months should suffice. They can handle being a bit drier in Winter. Well draining soil is a must to avoid soggy roots!

Feed them with half strength seaweed fertiliser once or twice a year.


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  • Andrew

    Oh, we love our new addition to our indoor plant collection. The Elkhorn Fern fits beautifully in our home and the lush dark green pot has a warm touch to it. Thank you Leaf Supply!

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