Fatsia japonica

How to care for Fatsia japonica

Also known as Japanese Aralia or Paperplant, this luscious guy is not surprisingly native to Japan and also Taiwan and Southern Korea.
They like moist soil so water regularly, a little less in winter. Just check the top couple of inches or so of soil has dried out in-between waterings. They don’t like sitting in a puddle of their own water so be sure to empty the saucer an hour after watering.
If regularly reported these beauties can grow to between one and three metres. Trimming them at the beginning of the growing season (spring) will encourage bushiness over length.
Bright, indirect light is best.
Water regularly, allowing the top few cm of soil to dry out in between. Reduce slightly in winter.
Fertilise every few months with a liquid organic fertiliser and keep white oil on hand to deal with any pesky pests.

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