Heart-leaf Philodendron

How to care for heart-leaf philodendron

With stunning heart shaped leaves you're sure to fall in love with this trailing beauty. Also known as the Sweetheart plant, it's the perfect plant to send a loved one. They are relatively low maintenance and will tolerate lower light but to see this guy thrive, bright indirect light is best. It’s tolerant of dry air but will appreciate the occasional mist.
Re-pot every 2-3 years in spring which is also a great time to propagate your plant. Cut a stem and place in water to watch it root before potting your new plant baby.
Will thrive in moderate to bright indirect sunlight.
They enjoy a moderate amount of water, keeping the soil slightly moist, but ensuring that the top inch or so dries out between waterings.
Fertilise with an organic liquid fertiliser a couple of times a year in the warmer months. Wipe leaves regularly to remove dust.

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