How to care for Heuchera

Also known as Coral Bells (referencing the delicate bell-like flowers which are adored by Hummingbirds) or Alumroot (which refers to the medicinal root), this is a beautiful plant favoured by florists for its sculptural leaves. It’s native to North America and this variety has one of the darkest leaves of its kind, an amazingly dramatic additon to your indoor jungle.
As a general guide with these plants the darker the leaf the more sun they can tolerate. But as with most houseplants they prefer bright, indirect light.
These dark and mysterious beauties like well drained soil, too much water will leave them with soggy feet (Ew!) A smaller watering once a week should suit, but it’s important to check in with your plant regularly. Test the soil with your fingertip, and make sure the top layer has dried out before watering again. Get to know your plants, peeps!
Deadheading (or cutting off dead blooms), will encourage more flower growth and it’s best to keep your plant tidy by removing any dead or damaged leaves.

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