How to care for a kokedama

how to care for kokedama

With its origins in Japan, kokedama literally translates to “moss ball”. It is a ball of soil, covered with moss, in which an ornamental plant grows. Whether hanging or sitting in a footed vessel, kokedamas are a beautiful and quirky way of displaying your indoor greenery.
Care of your kokedama is slightly different to standard potted plants.
Light Your plant will require the same level of light that it usually does, in this case, bright, indirect is best.
Water Watering is done by submerging the moss ball in a bowl of water for about 10-15 minutes or until the soil is soaked through. You can then gently squeeze off excess water and allow to drip dry in a colander or straight in the sink before placing back on the kokedama hanger. A final pat on the base with a tea towel will ensure last drops are mopped up. If you are concerned about excess water run-off after you have returned your plant to its hanger, simply place a small plate underneath your kokedama.
Misting your Philodendron hope’s leaves will benefit from regular misting, as will the moss that holds the soil in place.
Fertiliser like all indoor plants, you will need to give your kokedama a nutrient boost every so often. Simply place a diluted amount of organic liquid fertiliser into the bowl of water you use to water your plant and soak as usual. Do this once a month during the warmer seasons.


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