Meet the maker: Gretel Corrie

Q and A with ceramicist Gretel Corrie
When did you first discover your love of ceramics?
  During my first (non-ceramic related) degree I enrolled myself in a community college wheel throwing class to offset the boredom of essay writing. Even though I wasn’t great, it was love! And that lead to my second degree – majoring in ceramics, and here we are…
You describe your ceramics as delightfully functional, can you elaborate? 
I hope to be able to create handmade ceramics that people can incorporate into their everyday lives and enhance peoples daily rituals, for me it’s important to be excited and inspired by the ordinary. If I'm going to have a cup of tea a day, I wanna be sipping from something awesome. This to me is the definition of something that is delightfully functional and an idea that I want to emulate within my own practice.
You work in a plant-filled co-working space in Chippendale, what effect do the plants have on your space and who is resident care taker of the greenery?
Its lovely working in a plant filled studio space, and they hide my eternally messy space exceptionally well. Everyone is pretty good, we all chip in to keep our green friends alive.
What is your all time favourite plant and why? 
It's impossible to choose just one! My favourite indoor plants in my studio and home are Devils Ivy and Monstera Deliciosa - they instantly improve most spaces!
I was lucky enough to grow up in country NSW and my mother had a wonderful garden so some of my all time favourites are Peonies and I love the velvety texture of Lambs Ear.
You can check out more of her gorgeous work here.


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