Meet the maker: Kimberly Cruz

Kimberly Cruz Q+A
How did your love of ceramics develop?
A few years ago, my boyfriend came home from NYC with a pinched tea-cup by Shino Takeda for his mother. It was so tiny, and precious and my heart squealed the first time I’d held it in my hands. That reminder … that feeling had never left, and that little voice inside me desired to create things that would allow people to feel the exact same way.  A year later I’d enrolled in casual evening classes at a community centre and I’ve been a feral kid, rolling around in clay ever since.
Does nature play a role in your ceramic creations?
I'm an avid hiker and I love the thrill of the wild, having all of my senses exposed. The ache of your muscles as you pull yourself over crevices and giant sedimentary rocks, the taste of fresh water from a spring, the smell of wet moss and dirt after the rain, the sound of your voice echoing back over mountain tops. These are the moments I’m most charged and it’s these experiences that feed into my aesthetics, provoke my style and shape the stories that tell my work.
What is your favourite plant?
My two favourite plants are currently the Pilea and Monstera Obliqua, each kindly gifted to me by awesome insta friends who are highly creative, passionate and absolutely crushing the plant game … shout outs to Thomas of @_t__h__o__m__a__s_  and Andrea of  @greenhausprojects.
Can you tell us a little about the Shibusa aesthetic?
The seven elements of Shibusa are simplicity, implicity, modesty, silence, naturalness, everydayness, and imperfection. These are the ideals, energy and ‘felt sense’ I try to incorporate into my work and in my current range of tableware called the Shibui Series.
Check out more of Kimberly's stunning work here and here.

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