Meet the maker: Lauren Eaton

Q+A with Lauren Eaton of Home by harlequin
When did you launch Home by Harlequin?
Home by Harlequin launched in 2017. All vessels are made by hand and are the result of a unique self-discovered process developed over 18 months. This process focuses on pushing materials beyond their intended everyday use into something much more refined and beautiful.
Tell us a little about the pots you have made for us this month
Inspired by the lush greenery that Leaf Supply provide, I chose the colour soft blush for these bespoke vessels. To me it's an understated colour that can easily compliment a range of interiors. The confetti like discs pay homage to my debut series available in June, and adds a sense of playfulness and texture.
What are you favourite plants?
Variegated Monstera, rubber plants, mimosa pudica and umberella plants... (But the list could go on!)
What's your favourite nature spot in Melbourne?
This is a tricky one to answer! But I would have to say the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens in Daylesford. They are simply beautiful, you could walk these gardens for hours.
Check out more of her beautiful work here and stay tuned for her online store coming soon!

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