Meet the maker: Lisa Kozlowski

Ceramicist Lisa Kozlowski

Tell us about the pots you have made for Leaf Supply...
These ceramic pieces are inspired by the colour of the moon, and subtleties of nature. The prototype was thrown on the wheel working closely with my mentor Antony Brink. A mould was then cast and used to pour slip for both the planter and saucer. 
I wanted the saucer to be part of the design, acting both as a function and feature. The inside glazing of the saucer is clear, but through the process of vitrification, turns a darker grey, like the contrast of the moon's texture to the naked eye.
Lisa Kozlowski pots
How did you discover your love for ceramics?
From an early age I loved making things with my hands, dabbled in hand building in art school. It wasn't until later in my adult life where I decided to start classes and learn to make all the vessels I wanted for my home. I wanted to make stacked bowls to serve food from, plates to have a dinner party with and planters to house my favourite plants. I completely love the idea of making something beautiful by hand and sharing that with people.
How does food or plants (the things that are going in/ on your work) influence the design
I design my planters to be minimalistic, which is inspired by the subtle tones of nature. Plants have a beautiful aesthetic, colour and contrast, so these pots are designed to let each plant do the talking.
What is your favourite indoor plant?
I have a few! Peperomia, Ctenanthe - Silver Star and Monstera
Do you have a favourite garden in Sydney?
I love McKell Park in Darling Point. Beautiful aspect with amazing greenery and well kept gardens. A nice place to take some time out.
Check out more of Lisa's beautiful work here.

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