Meet the maker: Lucy Leong

Lucy Leong Salad Days

Working under the name Salad Days, a term that refers to the nostalgia of youth and reminiscing on golden periods of one's life, Lucy creates pieces to be enjoyed as part of daily rituals. The pots she has crafted for this months luxe leaf offering elevates the humble terracotta pot to something contemporary and unique and they make the perfect home to some of the cutest Watermelon peperomia you ever did see! 

How did you discover your love of ceramics?
I started night classes around 6 years ago and it quickly turned into an obsession I couldn't turn away from. 

Does nature influence your creative process?
Yes absolutely, I am constantly inspired by nature for textures, colours and shapes. Nature is amazing because nothing is there purely for aesthetics but there is so much beauty.

Tell us a bit about the beautiful terracotta pots you have made for us?
The pots I've made for Leaf Supply are a contemporary take on the classic terracotta pot. During the trimming process the lower half gets a different texture, which reminds me of the layers you see in soil and clay deposits.

Do you have a favourite indoor plant?
I love String of Pearls but unfortunately haven't had much luck growing them myself! 

Check out more of Lucy's gorgeous work here.


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