Meet the Maker: Tara Burke

What drew you to working with clay?
I really love the tactility of the material. There’s just something so satisfying about turning a ball of mud into a functional object.
You’re also studying law. How to the two practices balance each other out?
With great difficulty! But I do enjoy the contrast - study is often quite intense with heavy reading and writing - so it’s nice to tune out a little bit and get my hands dirty in the studio.
What are your favourite plants?
At the moment, begonia plants have my heart. Such diverse and beautiful leaves. I’m also enjoying the umbrella plant I bought recently - so retro!
I know you have a great veggie patch, what are the best edibles to be growing this summer?
I prefer to grow heaps of things that I use often but might not always have in the fridge or can’t get at the shops - like herbs, chilli, curry leaves and lemon verbena. Tomatoes are always a good idea too, they are so sweet and juicy straight off the vine. I also just planted an elusive elderflower tree so that next year I can (hopefully!) make some elderflower champagne for Christmas!
Check out more of her stunning ceramic creations here.

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