Meet the makers: Jefferson Crozier + Iris Rees of Motion ceramics

Motion ceramics
How did you come to love ceramics?
We have always been intrigued by ceramics and it’s production. Coming from a restaurant background we were fortunate enough to work with amazing functional ceramics on a day-to-day basis and see the difference handmade ceramics can make to the whole dinning experience. So we took the leap and decided to study ceramic design and over the years we have developed a deep love for the whole medium, the science, the design and aesthetics and of course the trance of working with clay.
Can you tell us a little about the pot you have made for Leaf Supply?
The pot is wheel thrown and made with stoneware clay. It is a clean, geometric shape, which tapers in slightly towards the top with an angled, unglazed bevel at the base. The glaze is one we have been playing with for a few years now. It can differ greatly depending on application, thickness and firing temperature. We did a mix for Leaf Supply, some are powder pink and white while others have a thicker coat and are a frosty white that breaks into pink at the edges and at the exposed rims.
Do you have a favourite indoor plant?
Bird of paradise is one of our favourites. The way it can fill a space with its height and structure, it really feels like you are bring the outside is in.
Where is your favourite spot to connect with nature in Sydney?
Our time is divided between the South coast and Sydney so we usually get most of our nature down south. But when we do get a little time to ourselves in Sydney, there is a lovely little park on the harbour called McKell Park. It is at the end of Darling point and it is very tranquil and mostly empty mid week.
Check out more of their beautiful work here.


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