Neon pothos

How to care for neon poths

Shining as bright as its namesake, the Neon pothos is sure to light up your life. These guys are fantastically low maintenance and those iridescent leaves will add pizzazz to your plant collection. Although they enjoy bright, indirect light they will also tolerate lower light situations.
Not just a pretty face either, the Neon pothos is a gun air purifier. Let this vivacious vine hang down over a shelf and watch how quickly it will grow! Better yet it can be propagated easily by popping a cutting in a glass of water, it's the plant that keeps on giving.
Will thrive in bright indirect light but is low light tolerant.
Water once a week or so, making sure the first couple of inches of soil has dried out between waterings.
Fertilise every few months with a liquid organic fertiliser and keep white oil on hand to deal with any pesky pests.

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