Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm
This palm takes us straight back to the Victorian era of big leaves and whirring ceiling fans. It’s an ever popular house plant because of its low maintenance, air purifying, and visually graphic vibe. This is a slow growing plant, but one that can last for many years if treated right. In all honesty she's one tough mo-fo.
They are happy in lower light areas of the home but can also tolerate bright, indirect light, as long as there’s no direct rays on those precious leaves.
Under-watering is better than overwatering with the parlour palm, so think roughly once a week or so, but be sure to test the soil with your fingertip to make sure the top inch has dried before watering again.
Fertilise with a weak organic fertiliser once a year, and re-pot sparingly, perhaps every couple of years. Keep some white oil on hand to deal with any pesky pests.

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  • Jessica

    We are planning to get the Parlour Palm as a touch up for our living room, we have a dog. I wonder if this plant is dog-friendly?

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