Plant curators: Alice + Richie, Fresh Prince

Alice and Richie of Fresh Prince

Tell us a little about what you guys do at Fresh Prince.. 

In a nutshell we design and build projects incorporating timber and plants. Anything from planters to Tiny Homes - we love mixing it up.

Where does your love of plants come from?

Richie:  While living in Africa I worked with a reforestation company in Kenya and farmed herbs and veggies on the banks of the Nile in Sudan. I never realised how easy it was to grow your own food, it was such a surreal experience walking into a field and being able to eat the fruits of your labour.

Alice: I grew up on a farm in Rural NSW where my brother and I learned a lot about plants in our veggie garden and the surrounding bush. My parents instilled in me a love and respect for nature, since I was little plants have always had a calming effect on me.

Why did you choose the Alocasia for us this month? 

Alocasia's are such striking plants. On their own their deep green, veined leaves complement soft palettes and a minimalist interior. If you are like us, with more plants than places to put them, the Alocasia adds a touch of jungle to more common indoor collections.

What’s your top tip for caring for indoor plants?

Less is more. Don’t fertilise - the fertiliser that is already in your plant’s soil from the nursery will go a long way. Over watering (aka too much love) can also be trouble for indoor plants as they have less drainage than outdoor containers and gardens.

Check out some of their gorgeous work here

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