Plant curator: Jess Ruhfus, Collabosaurus

A few questions with Jess Ruhfus from collabosaurus
Why did you choose this plant for us this month?
Who doesn't love greenery hanging from a shelf? Plants that grow in interesting shapes always add character to rooms, especially ones that drape over shelves and cabinets. I know just where I'd put it, and hope the lucky Leaf Supply-ers will too.
Do you have an all-time favourite plant?
I love way too many to have a favourite! For flowers, I'd choose Peonies and Dahlias, for outdoors, I'm a sucker for vines crawling up walls (especially jasmine, when it's in season) and gardenias (even though my gardener boyfriend deems them 'boring'). Devils Ivy I love for an indoor plant - they're hard to kill and can look stunning - so they are my plant-of-the-moment right now.
What’s your favourite way to experience nature?
It depends on the day! There are a couple of hidden spots around the Northern Beaches where you can walk for 20 minutes and be at beautiful little creeks and even waterfalls - it's worth it to hunt them out.
Tell us a little about your business Collabosaurus, and why you love collaborating so much
Collabosaurus is a business I started at 22 after being frustrated sourcing event and social media partners for business & PR events. I decided to launch Collabosaurus as a matchmaker for brands, so influencers and brands of all sizes could tap into new audiences with no additional budget. If you look at what companies such as GoPro x Redbull, Moccona x Peter Alexander or Messina x TimTam have done, you'll see how powerful brand collaborations can be for incredible marketing results. Collabosaurus now has over 3000 active brands seeking collaboration & partnership opportunities in events, social media and products, with a growing international database.
I love collaborations because not only do you meet incredible people & grow your network, but you're tapping into the most cost-effective, engaging marketing strategy out there. You could spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on digital advertising to achieve the same results for $0 through collaboration. Collabosaurus was built to connect complementary, awesome brands together and streamline the process.
Interested in collaborating? Head here to get started!

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