Plant curator: Kara Riley

Q+A with Kara Riley

Where does your love of plants come from?

My love affair with plants kind of began when I started photographing them, usually in urban environments around Sydney. They quickly became my favourite subject to photograph especially when they brought an otherwise mundane scene to life, and as I kept shooting them I noticed this new world opening up, and began to learn more about these divine creatures we call plants.

Tell us a bit about Houseplants Society..

House Plants Society is a name I made up for a pretend (at the moment) group for plant lovers to be a part of. It's just an instagram moniker at the moment, but who knows what's to come! I like to imagine plant people collaborating in weird and wonderful ways and sharing their plant knowledge.

What attracted you to choosing the Syngonium for us?

I love the Syngonium as a house plant; it reminds me of the beautiful homes I have seen in books from the 70's, and think it would look lovely in a macrame hanger. It's foliage is so lush, and the plant is really easy to grow and propagate from cuttings. Also, the arrowhead shaped leaves look as pretty as a painting!

Got any other favourite plants that you love to photograph?

I love snapping a good cactus, or any plant that's a bit kooky and unusual looking. 

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