Plant curator: Myra Perez

Myra q+a

How was your love of flowers born?
When I was little my mother had (and still has) a wild, romantic approach to gardening. She free styled plants wherever she wanted and scattered forget me not seeds across our lawn.
My middle name is Violet so I feel like it’s in my DNA. Age 20 I threw in my corporate job to follow my dreams to study the art of floristry. The rest is history!
What is your favourite plant?
At the moment my favourite flower is a Chocolate Cosmos. They smell delicious and I could drink in their colour.
Why did you choose the Croton for us this month?
The croton is a hardy, self-reliant plant that reminds me of my childhood and also when I first started floristry. I know they are making a comeback … the nostalgic “nanna”  plants seem to be really on trend at the moment. There is something comforting about looking at one!
How would you describe the style of your magical floral studio My Violet?
Wild, Moody and Romantic.



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