Plant curator: Rachel Crethar of Rock & Co

Q+A with Rachel Crethar

Tell us a little about Rock & Co and why you started it...
Rock & Co started as a side project while I was on maternity leave with my second child, Louis. I found the transition from one to two children really tough and discovered meditation as a coping mechanism. Meditation really opened up my spiritual side a lot more and I started to become fascinated with crystals.
At first I was drawn into crystals and minerals purely from an aesthetic point of view – and once I started to see positive changes in my own life I started becoming more and more interested in the metaphysical side of things.

Do you have a favourite crystal?
Hmmm that's a tough one! I definitely feel like it changes depending on what I need or am working on at the time. That said, the crystals I tend to turn to the most often are Smokey Quartz for its calming energy (I quite often have mine in my pocket!), Green Apophyllite for its gentle healing vibes, and it's also hard to go past the beautiful baby blues of Celestite.

Why did you choose the Monstera for us?
I have a monstera at home myself and it's my favourite! It's easy to care for and I love it's big round leaves and crazy roots. I read that it's ideal to place a Monstera in the corner of a living room for positive energy flow and protection from any negative vibes, and that's where mine one is thriving.

Do you have an all-time favourite plant?
We have a small wall in our garden that is covered in Boston ivy, it's actually wear I take a lot of my crystal photos and I love it. It's my favourite part of our garden. 

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