how to care for sansevieria indoors

Hilariously known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, this sharp witted beauty is incredibly dramatic. She keeps her opinions to herself and you won't have to tidy up before she arrives, in fact the Sansevieria is one Mother in Law you'll be happy to have around. Also known as the Snake Plant, this upright beauty is a superstar air purifier (just ask NASA).
Originating in Africa and southern Asia, it’s a hardy addition as it will tolerate all types of light. Remember though that the less light it gets the less water it will need. Avoid root rot by allowing soil to dry out in between watering.
Will thrive in bright indirect light.
They can be prone to root root so err on the side of caution and only water every 2-3 weeks. Always check the soil to ensure the first couple of inches has dried out before watering again.
Keep the leaves clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Fertilise with a diluted organic liquid fertiliser once a year in the warmer months.

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