Watermelon peperomia

How to care for the Watermelon peperomia
We get total summer vibes from this precious Peperomia with undoubtedly some of the best foliage going around. It's watermelon leaves will have you dreaming of poolside cocktails before you know it. These guys love bright, indirect light. Try and mimic their natural forest floor habitat which would be largely shaded with dappled light.

These guys definitely don't like soggy feet so always allow water to drain adequately from the drainage hole in the base of the pot.

Will thrive in moderate to bright indirect sunlight.
They enjoy a moderate amount of water, keeping the soil slightly moist, but ensuring that the top inch or so dries out between waterings.
Fertilise with an organic liquid fertiliser a couple of times a year in the warmer months. Wipe leaves regularly to remove dust.

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