Weeping fig

How to care for Weeping fig

Also known as Weeping fig, this beautiful and air purifying plant has dainty variegated leaves, and will grow into an indoor tree with a bit of TLC. It’s a tropical plant from South Asia, so be sure to spitz the leaves every so often so keep up humidity levels.
Sometimes this plant can experience a bit of travel shock when it’s moved into it’s new home, so don’t stress if it loses a few leaves at first. It just needs a moment to adjust and settle. They also sometimes shed some leaves when the temperature drops in Autumn and Winter. This is completely natural, and the leaves will return once the weather heats up again.
They love bright indirect light and even a little direct morning sun.
Water regularly, allowing the top few cm of soil to dry out in between.
Fertilise every few months with a liquid organic fertiliser and keep white oil on hand to deal with any pesky pests.

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