Monstera deliciosa: lush indoor plants delivered around Sydney by Leaf Supply. A great gift, or to grow your own indoor jungle.
Larger Leaf - Monstera

Larger Leaf - Monstera

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Need your leaves a little larger? This option is for you. Available in a 190mm gardeners pot (wrapped in calico of course), these lush beauties provide a more mature indoor plant for your jungle, delivered around Sydney.
The marvellous Monstera deliciosa, commonly known as a Swiss cheese plant, is an absolute stalwart of the indoor plant world. A graphic stunner, it will bring lushness and serious good looks to any space. They’re low maintenance and fast growing, requiring a moderate watering schedule and bright, indirect light. Check out some survival notes here.
NOTE: Plant comes in 190mm nursery pot wrapped in calico, packaged for delivery in a paper bag with tissue paper. Delivery costs are calculated by our third party courier company and are based on distance. You can check the suburb pricing list and more delivery information here.