How it works

Every month, Leaf Supply comes up with three new plant + pot combos:
 $39 for a plant of the month + calico wrapped pot delivered
$59 for a plant of the month + ceramic pot delivered
$79 for a plant of the month + handmade ceramic pot delivered
You order gorgeous plants and pots online and, that very same week, our green machine (that’s what we call our express delivery service, obviously) will speed them – safely and stylishly wrapped inside our custom boxes – to your nominated address.
Our delivery days are Tuesday and Friday with same day delivery if you get in before 10am. Get in touch with us if you need a special delivery outside of these days and we might be able to help you out for an additional fee.  
We go all over Sydney metro – check your neighbourhood is on the list. Inexperienced green-keepers, be cool. We also send easy-as instructions on how to treat your new plant friend right to keep it thriving.
 Fair warning: greening gets addictive!