Meet the Leaf Suppliers

Leaf Supply is the love child of two friends and massive plant nerds, Lauren Camilleri, a magazine art director and indoor plant specialist who owns online plant and design store Domus Botanica, and floral and plant stylist Sophia Kaplan.
We get our kicks at early morning markets, sourcing the healthiest, sexiest greens at secret nurseries. We collab with local ceramicists, makers and design creatives to come up with unique pots and accessories that’ll give interiors addicts the tingles. We think life just feels better surrounded by living green goodies. So we started Leaf Supply to share the love.


Green-thumb skill: With a degree in interior architecture and graphic design in her bones and a love for foliage, she lives for matching the right plant with the nook where it can live its best life. Her addiction to ceramics is a sickness.
Spirit plant: Monstera Delicosa (aka swiss cheese plant) obvs, those graphic glossy leaves are a designers dream. But it's definitely not a case of style over substance with this beauty, they're also robust and delightfully low maintenance. 

Green-thumb skill: Styling plants into living art that makes people happy is Sophia’s obsession-slash-divine calling and, joyously, also her day job. She’s our girl for inspo and collaborative hook ups.
Spirit plant: Begonia because of it's beauty and wildness. There are over 1700 species, from 'Wightii' with its burgundy underside, silver spots and delicate white flowers, to 'Illumination' with its rose-like petals.