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Foliage is the new flower and this calico covered piece of leaf is the perfect 'just because' gift for a loved one. Or gift yourself and start growing an indoor jungle of your very own.
With Christmas just around the corner, we're getting festive with the fabulous Holly fern (Cyrtomium falcatum). With glorious holly shaped foliage she's another of the more tolerant ferns. This beauty will thrive in bright indirect light but can also handle lower light situations, just remember to keep it nice and steamy, wink wink. 
Some survival notes can be found here to keep it looking fine.
Size guide: plant stands approx. 25cm high from the base of the pot.
NOTE: Plant comes in 125mm gardener's pot wrapped in calico. Delivery in Sydney is included on our delivery days Tuesdays & Fridays (check your suburb is on the list).