Kangaroo Fern
Kangaroo Fern


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Foliage is the new flower and this calico covered piece of leaf is the perfect 'just because' gift for a loved one. Or gift yourself and start growing an indoor jungle of your very own.
Wild and wonderful is the name of the game with this native beauty. The unusually shaped leaves of the Kangaroo Fern grow thick and bushy and are joyfully non-toxic so perfect for those with curious pets and kidlets. It doesn't get much more 'Strayan than a fern named after a national treasure so whack on ya thongs, crack a stubby and enjoy this Aussie gem.  
These ferns like medium to bright indirect light, try to replicate their natural shaded home.   Some extra survival notes to keep your fern thriving can be found here.
Size guide: plant stands approx. 30cm high from the base of the pot.
NOTE: Plant comes in 125mm gardener's pot wrapped in calico. Delivery in Sydney is included on our delivery days Tuesdays & Fridays (check your suburb is on the list).