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Foliage is the new flower and this calico covered piece of leaf is the perfect 'just because' gift for a loved one. Or gift yourself and start growing an indoor jungle of your very own.
  We come in Peace! The Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily is the perfect green gift for any of those black-thumbed pals. These flowering beauties are one of the easiest house plants going around, which we think is blooming marvellous! Blooms aside, the lush veined leaves make for a gorgeous piece of foliage and the perfect green addition to any space.
Some extra survival notes to keep her thriving can be found here.
Size guide: plant stands approx. 25cm high from the base of the pot.
NOTE: Plant comes in 125mm gardener's pot wrapped in calico. Delivery in Sydney is included on our delivery days Tuesdays & Fridays (check your suburb is on the list).